This group is for youth (16-18yrs) wanting to encounter God in a deeper way through worship and discussion and is led by volunteer Bob Pamplin and youth worker Becca Kemal, who writes here.

Established in 2016 at St Mary’s Woodford, Going Deeper now includes members from Wanstead Parish and Our Lady of Lourdes. We’re thankful to the different leaders who have dipped in at times to accompany Bob and myself, and the group has formed a strong bond together leading to friendships outside of the club.

We’ve had some amazing times together over the last two years, spending countless hours with God using videos from songs by Bethel Music, Hillsong, Housefires, IHOP and a few independent artists. The videos are projected to create a wonderful atmosphere, using some of the original lamps collected at St Mary’s by former youth worker Jon To (thank you to all who donated those). We spend significant time at the beginning of each session to be still with God and allow Him to speak into our lives. Some choose to sing, whilst others draw pictures, write or just take the time to be still. Sometimes this naturally leads to praying for each other and at times we have asked God for words of knowledge or prophecy; sharing what we think God has given each other.

The young people generally choose the discussion topics for each session and a leader prepares a range of views around that subject to spark conversation, including controversial topics such as faith, lifestyle, moral and ethical dilemmas, and biblical questions. Time spent in discussion really helps us to explore, value each person’s voice and hopefully helps us to grow.

We socialise together at local restaurants; hold treasure hunts in church, play all kinds of games, pray around our area, and travel into London to attend worship nights with David’s Tent and Big Church Live.

It’s been a fantastic journey together so far, and as three of our small group are set to go to University next year, we pray that Going Deeper provides a stepping stone for them to encounter God going forward and to share their life with others. Join us in praying for them in their journeys.

Going Deeper meets on alternate Thursdays and new members are always welcome. Contact Becca Kemal for more info.