Ding dong – calling all would-be campanologists! Church bells across the land are being silenced due to a lack of bell ringers. This ancient art is a unique mix of physical exercise with mental agility that is a deep part of our history; sadly at risk of dying out due to a lack of new recruits.

Here at Wanstead Parish, we’d love to add to our team of bell ringers. No experience is necessary as training is given on silenced bells so that you can learn the ropes safely and you don’t need to be a churchgoer either. Age is no barrier; this is something teenagers can do (any age from 11 actually). Once you have learnt to ring there is the satisfaction of becoming a fellow member of the band, committed to ensuring that the joyous sound of bells ring out over Wanstead.

The bells of Christ Church are rung for half an hour on Sunday morning, an hour’s practice on Tuesday, and for other other special services and occasions. They are also hired for weddings and baptisms. Other ringers visit us and all ringers are welcome in towers across the country.

During the First World War, some 1400 bell ringers died during the conflict. Last year, to mark the 100 years since the Armistice, a recruitment drive was launched to find 1400 new ringers. This initiative has got off to a flying start and we invite you to become part of it. Without being under any obligation, why not come along, see what goes on and have a trial pull.

Interested? Give the Parish Office a bell on 020 85308743.