Today, Saturday 2nd May, the £160 fixed cost of running our parish has been sponsored by a most generous donor from our congregation. Thank you 🙏

If not already doing so, we would urge everyone to sign up to the Parish Giving Scheme and contribute regularly. This is a direct debit scheme which also reclaims Gift Aid for us each month and saves us further time and expenditure.

We well understand that there are some who are finding it very hard to cope financially during the crisis, and our thoughts and prayers are with you, but if it’s at all possible for other parishioners, who might otherwise give in the plate each week but are now not able to do so, to add your much needed support to our giving, we’d welcome your support.

To find out more, visit,call 0333 002 1260 or email and quote our parish number (080608162).

Thank you.