Applying to faith based schools 


Thinking about applying to a faith based Primary or Secondary school?

Welcome – this page is for you!

Every year, we sign lots of church attendance references for faith based primary and secondary schools both nationally and locally. Here are some top tips for you to consider. Please note: These are suggestions only and are, by no means, exhaustive. Please do get in touch with the Rector if you have any questions. He is always very happy to help wherever he can.

If you are considering sending your children to a faith based primary or secondary school, may we remind you of your responsibility to contact the school(s) directly to clarify what their admissions criteria are; to clarify what they require from the minister of religion who is required to give a church reference so that you understand fully what you may need from us to assist with your application as soon as possible; and also to clarify whether the school is likely to amend their admissions criteria anytime soon so that you remain fully up to date with any potential changes to the admissions policies.

If St. Mary’s or Christ Church, Wanstead is your worshipping church, may we also ask you to contact the parish office as soon as possible to let us know of your admissions intentions and requirements so that we can help you to understand our internal procedures and so that, with your permission, we may open up a confidential file for your family?

We can also assist by issuing the yellow cards designed to help you to evidence church attendance for primary school applications, and blue cards to help you to evidence church attendance for secondary schools.

As these cards become full, please remember to take them to the parish office to be photocopied and kept on your file. Sadly, we cannot help if they get lost or get rinsed in the washing machine!

Once again, if you have any questions about this, please contact the Rector. He will be very happy to discuss this with you and your family.