Does the Biblical account of earth match with scientific observation?

by Mark Herring We’ve heard it all a million times before. God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. So is it possible to take the Genesis accounts of creation seriously? Well, look a little deeper … Continue Reading

Have your say on the St Mary’s and Christ Church changes

The resilience committees have unveiled their bid for National Lottery funding after nine months of work. Members of the community can give their thoughts on the changes to Christ Church and St Mary’s by scanning the QR code below or clicking … Continue Reading

‘An itch I’m still scratching’: The Grapevine talks to Chris Taylor

Why did you decide to enter the ministry?  I blame my first parish priest, after I defected from the Methodists. He was controversial, an off-the-wall liberal who loved the Book of Common Prayer and everything theatrical. I think he saw … Continue Reading

Bromley, ministry, orthopaedic injury: The Grapevine talks to Richard Wyber

Why did you decide to enter the ministry? I felt called to ordained ministry, a sense of calling which developed unexpectedly in my second year on the Diocesan Course in Christian Studies, in 2000/01. Where did you grow up? Bromley, … Continue Reading

‘Teaching and Preaching’: The Grapevine talks to Olive Thursby

Why did you decide to enter the ministry? I decided to enter the ministry because God has been calling me in different ways. I have been leading ministry continuously as an organist since I was 15 years old. I  wanted to develop my ministry in a … Continue Reading

Bowie and bell-ringing: The Grapevine talks to Tom Britt

Why did you decide to enter the ministry? I grew up in a lively parish church, so church has always felt like a second home for me. I was an altar server, a bell ringer and a member of the parish … Continue Reading

From Wargrave to Wanstead, via A&E: The Grapevine talks to Martyn Hawkes

From today, The Grapevine will be running a series of Q&As with prominent figures across the parish.  Some of them will be familiar faces, others have recently joined the community. Either way, we hope you’ll learn something about them that … Continue Reading

My Lord and my God: Jesus’ claim to be God – Part 2

by Mark Herring In the first part, we looked at the ways in which Jesus emphatically claimed to be God both directly and indirectly. Yet a sceptic could easily respond by saying: “Just because Jesus said all that doesn’t make … Continue Reading

My Lord and my God: Jesus’ claim to be God – Part 1

by Mark Herring It was during a discussion with a friend, a confident atheist, that I first heard someone claim that nowhere in the Bible did Jesus claim to be God. Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was the son of … Continue Reading

Bee my Valentine? Beekeeping in the grounds of St Mary’s

You probably know that St Valentine is the patron saint of love, especially if you’re giving flowers or chocolates to a special someone today. But that’s not the whole story. Amongst his eclectic portfolio, he’s thought to be responsible for … Continue Reading