Animated apologetics #6: The Moral Argument

The previous five Reasonable Faith videos have focused on philosophical and scientific arguments for the existence of God. This time we look at a chain of thought based on ethical reasoning. … Continue Reading

Angels wanted

This Sunday we celebrated the Feast of St Michael and All Angels and fittingly launched our Stewardship campaign.  … Continue Reading

Fringe benefits

  One of the delights of living in such a community minded place like Wanstead is the annual Wanstead Fringe. This year our churches, Vestry, halls and gardens hosted a wide range of events and we enjoyed the chance to … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Animated apologetics #5: The fine-tuning of the universe

Having already looked at the origins of the universe, the next animation from Reasonable Faith looks at just how ridiculously, infinitesimally, mind-bogglingly improbable it is that this universe could then go on to support life. … Continue Reading


David Todd, our former Director of Music, and his bride Clare married at Christ Church at the beginning of July. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Another couple, meanwhile, have been married slightly longer. If you’ve been in … Continue Reading

Animated apologetics #4: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Part 2: The facts

In Part 1 of  ‘Did Jesus really rise from the dead?’ we saw that Jesus of Nazareth believed himself to be the one and only Son of God. This led to the authorities accusing him of blasphemy and crucifying Him. … Continue Reading

Animated apologetics #3: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Part 1: The facts

  Following on from our last blog exploring the identity of Jesus, our next animation from Reasonable Faith explores the facts surrounding his crucifixion. … Continue Reading

Animated apologetics #2: Who did Jesus really think he was?

  Continuing this new series, our next animation from Reasonable Faith looks at the identity of Jesus. Who did he really think he was? … Continue Reading

A reaEly nice time

  Last Saturday the parish pilgrimage to Ely Cathedral took place. A large group of 24 parishioners came and it was a great success. … Continue Reading

New series: Animated apologetics #1: The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Our new series of blogs showcases a range of short animations created by Reasonable Faith. Each video briefly explains one of the many intelligent, articulate arguments that show why, in the age of science, it is also entirely reasonable to hold … Continue ReadingContinue Reading