Our new series of blogs showcases a range of short animations created by Reasonable Faith. Each video briefly explains one of the many intelligent, articulate arguments that show why, in the age of science, it is also entirely reasonable to hold a Christian worldview. Togetherthey provide a robust defence for the Christian faith.

Religious belief is too often looked down upon as an anachronistic hangover from ancient times. Often, atheists simply don’t think there can be any good reasons to believe in God any more.

That’s why it is both necessary and empowering (never mind surprising) to come back with the kind of effective argument that shows why, beyond the mystery of faith, Christianity represents an informed, thoughtful and rational choice more so than is often the case with atheists belief in fact.

We begin with The Kalam Cosmological Argument. Does God exist? Or is the material universe all that is, or was, or ever will be? The Cosmological Argument represents one well known approach to answering this question. This short video explains how the argument goes …