The problem of evil and suffering is
the major stumbling block to belief in the existence of God. How could an all-powerful, all-loving God possibly allow so much pain to occur in his world?

After all, if God could do anything, then surely He would create a world free from war, torture, disaster, grief, tears … wouldn’t he?

But is it all as cut and dried as that? How can we know for sure that God actually could create that kind of happy, peaceful, perfect world? And if He could, that this earthly paradise would be compatible with free will, or with bringing as many people, or more, to know Him as our current world?

So perhaps there’s a reason why God permits evil in the world. Maybe it somehow fits into the grand scheme of things, beyond our earthly understanding. How could we know?

In the last of this series of Reasonable Faith animations, we look at two videos that explore suffering and evil in relation to the existence of God. Does it really all serve to disprove His existence? Or on the contrary, is Christian theism actually our best hope for solving the problem?


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