Wanstead Parish, in partnership with the Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelters (FCENS), will be launching our Winter Night Shelter on 7th January 2020. Part of a rolling winter night shelter operating across more than seven local churches, the shelter will set up in our parish halls every Tuesday night until the end of March. Over 75 local people answered the call to volunteer, serving dinner and breakfast and welcoming up to 40 guests with up to 30 men and women accommodated overnight.
We are now looking to raise additional funds to help cover the costs of the shelter including buying hot plates, room dividers, new sleeping bags and to help raise funds for an additional key worker for FCENS to help get homeless people off the street, out of danger and into more permanent accommodation.
We are therefore delighted that the Aviva Community Fund has selected our project to take part in their new trial crowdfund campaign, which went live on Tuesday 19th November. You can take a look at our page here for more information, and to donate.
Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.