Today we welcomed Max Bawhorn, who spoke about the vital work that he and his colleagues at Redbridge Street Pastors do on patrol on the streets of Woodford and Ilford.

Street Pastors effectively act as a link in the chain of emergency services. On Friday and Saturday nights in particular, there may be people distressed and in need of help. Emergency responders might not be able to come straight away, or even come at all, and this is where Street Pastors can step in.
There might be people spilling out of pubs and clubs, the worse for alcohol or drugs. Ilford, in particular, has problems with prostitution and gambling. Homeless people are especially vulnerable. Around train stations, gangs can be an issue selling drugs, and bystanders can get hurt if conflict arises. Each area has its own problems, but whatever their need, Redbridge Street Pastors are there to help. If necessary, ensuring that vulnerable people, particularly women out on their own, can get home safely.
In today’s Gospel, Matthew spoke of the ‘salt of the earth’. If you’d like to support the work of Redbridge Street Pastors, they welcome offers of coming along on a Friday night to observe. Donations are always gratefully received, and, of course, there’s prayer. Get in touch with them at or call 07581020154