*** Important information regarding the Electoral Roll: those applying to Wanstead Church School please take particular note that they MUST be on the roll in order to be considered. ***

The Church Electoral Roll is open for revision from 10th September 2020  to 24th September 2020.  Please check your entry on the current roll to ensure your details are still correct. If there are any minor errors please contact the Electoral Roll Officer, Lorraine Bucknall at wansteadparishadmin@uwclub.net. If there is a major change (ie name, address etc) a new form (available in each church by the entrance) will need to be completed by 24th September 2020. The roll can be viewed in each church by the entrance  from 25th August, 2020 or by arrangement with the Parish Office or Rector. If you are unable to come to the church, then please either email Lorraine on the above email address or leave a message on the parish answerphone (0208 530 8743) or email or telephone Father Jack (07960 512 433 / jackdunn@hotmail.com) to check your entry.

If you are not on the roll, but would like to join, a person must be over 16 years of age and baptised. They should also either live in the parish or have worshipped at the church regularly for at least six months and should be a member of the Church of England, or a church in communion with it, or a member of good standing of a Church not in communion with the Church of England which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity where those members are also prepared to declare themselves to be members of the Church of England.  Application forms are available in each church by the entrance. Once completed please post them in the letterbox of the Rectory – 37 Wanstead Place, London, E11 2SW or email them to wansteadparishdmin@uwclub.net .  Completed application forms must be received by 12 noon on 24 September 2020.