The Covid pandemic has affected many things. Amongst those, traditional night shelters, many of which are held in church halls like ours, have had to close due to shared air space restrictions, yet the need is greater than ever, as we enter into a second lockdown and with many people losing their jobs and potentially homes.

This Christmas, we are again partnering with FCENS and appealing for funds to get homeless people into a local hotel, where they can have their own room, a meal service and – importantly – be able to stay in their room during the day. There will also be caseworker support and the introduction of a befriending volunteer scheme.

We are therefore delighted that the Aviva Community Fund has again selected our project to take part in their crowdfund campaign, which went live on Tuesday 10th November. You can take a look at our page here for more information, and to donate.
Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.