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About Us

Welcome to our parish’s website. The Parish of St Mary’s with Christ Church is the Anglican Parish that serves Wanstead.

Our two churches have been welcoming Wanstead people home for generations, and that welcome extends as much to you as to all people who would like to enter our doors.

We’re a fairly large and diverse bunch of people who come to church at a variety of times and for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer the dignity and beauty of the Sung Eucharist, with all its wonderful music, liturgy and incense. Other people prefer the simplicity of a service of Morning Prayer.

Many families and children join us for our joyful, fun and informal services, for our youth groups and for junior church. Some people come on a Sunday, others midweek. People who work long hours enjoy the peacefulness of compline on a Wednesday evening. Others join us as part of the many groups that our parish co-ordinates or assists with, such as the homelessness project, Tin in a Bin, the bereavement group, our choirs and much more besides.

You can find more information about our two churches, including services and events, on the St Mary's page and the Christ Church page. Meanwhile, if you have come seeking to be married or for your child (or you) to be baptised, please click here.

Our role in the community

One way in which we are in the centre of the community is through our very popular Church School. Wanstead Church School is a Church of England Primary School which provides an excellent quality of education in a beautiful setting. It feels like a country primary school in the heart of Redbridge! You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Many people move to Wanstead to find their forever home. But we all know that home isn’t just about the house you live in – it’s about that special feeling when you have found the place where you can be yourself; where you can be loved for who you are; where you can be part of something bigger and where you can reach out to others to help them too. For us, that is what being part of the church community can be about. The Christian faith is about the God who meets us where we are in life and who leads us home. So, whoever you are, I hope you find your spiritual home with us – a home that I pray will offer opportunities for nourishment, friendship, laughter, challenge, and even the occasional shoulder to cry on, for you and for your family.

We are an inclusive church. This means that we are fully affirming of the ministry of both women and men (in fact, we can’t quite believe that this still needs stating!) and we welcome people of all sexualities and genders. The theology of the Church of England is founded on three things: scripture, tradition and reason. We believe God has given us minds in order to interpret what others have thought and said about Him. Therefore, we are open-minded and prepared to question.

It is the privilege of my life to be Rector of this Parish. I and my team here love welcoming new people into our churches and it would be great to get to know you. If you would ever like to chat over a cup of tea, please do be in contact with me, or with the Parish Office.