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Our clergy are very experienced in conducting funerals, both in church and at the crematorium. 

Having a Christian burial, funeral before cremation or a memorial service can be a very moving and appropriate way of paying respects to a loved one who has died.  

Will a church funeral be expensive?

Contrary to popular belief, funerals in church or having a priest conduct your loved one's funeral at the crematorium is not expensive.  The fee for clergy attending the crematorium is similar to that of most civil celebrants.

My loved one wasn't very 'churchy'.  Can they still have a Christian funeral?

Absolutely.  We make no distinction at all, and everyone is welcome to have a Christian funeral if their loved ones choose this for them.

Will I be able to include what I feel my loved one would have liked at a church funeral?

You will receive a visit from the member of clergy conducting the funeral, to allow you to plan the funeral together and to include what you would like in the funeral service.  There are some things that do need to be included in a Christian funeral, such as the commendation at the end, and the Lord's Prayer.  People normally choose at least one Bible reading too.  However, often people also choose secular poems or readings, and there is space to have a wide variety of music.  We try to be as absolutely accommodating as possible.

What can I expect?

A member of clergy will liaise with the funeral directors and we will visit you to have a chat about your deceased loved one, and to plan the funeral alongside you.  In the days after the funeral, we will check in with you to make sure you are doing ok and to offer any relevant pastoral care.  

After the funeral

We run a Bereavement Cafe which meets at Christ Church on a monthly basis.  Click here for more details.